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  1. Margitte Kristjansson

    Margitte Kristjansson San Diego, CA


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    Margitte. 25. PhD student. Fat activist. Blogger. When I’m not reading convoluted academic theory until my eyes water, I am working to uncover anti-fat biases in media representations of the fat body and examine the many intersectionalities of fat identity. I am also interested in research on…

  2. Scott Benson

    Scott Benson Plus Pittsburgh, PA


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    Scott Benson is a freelance animator/ illustrator/ Late Night Work Club admin. www.bombsfall.com For up-to-the-minute social networking synergy: http://twitter.com/bombsfall

  3. Jack Ayers

    Jack Ayers London


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    I'm a London based #DOP and #filmmaker, who is currently working freelancer on fiction films, docs, web series and corprate videos.

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