Emile Jansen

Cape Town, South Africa

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Emile Jansen aka Emile YX?, B-Boy War-lock started as b-boy for Pop Glide Crew 1982 & founded Black Noise. He teachs through hip hop culture.Godfather of S.A.Hip Hop. B-boy, MC & Artist. Published Da Juice Mag. Created African Battle Cry,Heal the Hood Project, BOTY S.A, African Hip Hop Indaba, Shut Up Just Dance,etc. He manages Black Noise, released CDs with Black Noise, 2 solo CDs "Who AM I" & "Roar", DVDs "Hip Hop How To Vol # 1 & 2. Books, "My Hip Hop is African and Proud" & Conscious Rhymes for Unconscious Times"

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