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Brooklyn, NY

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Devin acted as the Executive Producer and Director on UGLY AMERICANS through 2010-2012. Recently he created and produced the hit animated web series, Instant Life Lessons, for Official Comedy. Devin cut his teeth producing video content for the new media company Wavesystems in the early 2000s. As a freelance designer and animator he has been involved with a broad range of projects including work for HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, TCM, and The Cartoon Network, applying his design and narrative skills to everything from network graphics to traditional cartoons. His films and animation have been featured in Stash Magazine, Animation Block Party, Rooftop Films, Ottawa Film Festival, Platform, Atom films, and BDA. In late 2007 Devin produced the animated web series 5ON for Comedy Central. This horror-comic inspired series was the creative seed that grew into the world of UGLY AMERICANS, his original animated TV show on Comedy Central.

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