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I love indie films, old black and white movies, photography, horror films and classic rock and pop music. I appreciate and celebrate male and female nudity and sex and sexual expression.

I am exploring my sexuality with the help of some really beautiful people, and through these videos I'm privileged to view.


  1. J. Sprig
  2. The DailyShow
  3. Natural States Video
  4. Tony Zhou
  5. Camkirk Video Art
  6. Manecat Studios
  7. Naved Naturist
  8. Gracie Hagen
  9. Danielle January
  10. Alex Dirk  F.  [ adf ]
  11. Paul Joannides, Psy.D.
  12. Ryan Connolly
  13. ♥ Body Art Lover ♥ ☆
  14. Joseph Stacey
  15. Richard Schenkman
  16. thomas anderson
  17. A Large Evil Corporation
  18. Cari Thomas

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