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Dan Rupple is a 38-year veteran of the entertainment industry, with vast experience in diverse arenas of the entertainment industry, including creative development, production and executive management. Dan has worked within the highest ranks of network television and on the forefront of digital media. With his creative and innovative background, he is a much sought after consultant on emerging media trends, keeping producers and clients ahead of the curve. As a producer, Dan has developed numerous highly successful digital advertising strategies, demonstrating his ability to produce quality content with multi-million dollar or modest budgets.

Dan was a Supervising Producer for CBS Television (The Price Is Right, Late Show with David Letterman, The Prime Time Emmys, Family Feud), founding member of the pioneering sketch comedy team Isaac Air Freight, and producer/host of a popular morning radio talk show. Currently Dan is the Founder of Seriously Funny Entertainment, producing creative content and branded entertainment for the digital age. Dan consults with numerous ministries and organizations on digital media strategies. He is the Honorary Chairman of the Christian Comedy Association and serves as an adjunct instructor in the Cinema and Media Arts Department at Biola University. He also serves on the Biola Media Conference Executive Advisory Board, the largest and most influential gathering of Christians working in mainstream media. With a passion to encourage a new generation of filmmakers, Dan is part of the Windrider Forum, an annual Conversation of Faith and Film and at the Sundance Film Festival.

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