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Rider owned and operated. Its one of the key aspects why LWA generates such intense loyalty among its growing base of supporters. There is a passion and real sense of family among LWA riders, a conscious decision to back the little guy with a great product. LWA launched in 2010 with a simple goal, to build the ultimate all around board. One which is equally at home tearing up obstacles at the local cable park, or boosting off a massive wake. Exclusively designed by legendary Asian rider Bunyalo Lota Jumruang, the 2012 board brings our vision close to perfection! Incredibly strong with just the right amount of flex, this board takes a pounding at the park and behind the boat, leaving you smiling the whole time. Key features; hybrid rocker, 100%wood core, ABS rails, M6 inserts, slider base and G10 slider fins. One board for all styles of riding. Join the LWA family today. One Love!

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