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A born lover of Halloween Mitchel A. Jones was born in October of 1984 in Bryan, Ohio. Creatively inspired by the German Expressionistic mind of Tim Burton, Mitchel began spinning short stories of his own and developing stop motion animation films on an old VHS camcorder, and with that his love for the process of film was discovered. Amidst perfecting his wicked skate boarding skills, incredible talents for guitar and music creation, his teen years focused his writing efforts into horror screenplays. After high school Mitchel
attempted to major in film at the University of Toledo only to discover the curriculum a joke and his skills far beyond the general technics of the hobbyist students around him. Bored with this, he branched out on his own choosing to spend his tuition money on film equipment... This allowed him to work on several short film projects before setting out on his own to shoot his first short film project with another student entitled The Pilfer. The short was well received and unique for it's time. Having spent a decent amount thus far, Mitchel felt it only wise to put his camera to work for him and began shooting for the country/southern rock group Sierra Shame. Months of bar scenes and line dancing had earned him cash but not much for film experience so when he was offered the opportunity to work with the History channel on a Halloween special for the show Modern Marvels he was more then ecstatic. Now bitten by the production bug he took this as inspiration to start his own production company Chasing Autumn Films, LLC and is currently developing a slate of horror films with partner company TRIWAR Pictures, LLC that he will be writing and directing.

In the spring of 2010 he began working with the Shad Ireland foundation that is raising awareness about the causes of kidney disease in under privileged communities. Since signing on to the foundation he has directed a number of music videos and worked with athletes and celebrities alike to give back to the communities that have given so much to him.

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