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Charleston, WV

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Gnarleston is simple....keeping it on a local level.

Each item listed is limited to 25 or less per run; boards, shirts, hats, etc.

The WV scene isn't very big at all and that's an overstatement. I decided to create this project as a way to give back to skateboarding and my friends for all its given me and to maintain a good hobby.

I have always enjoyed all aspects of art; photography, filming, painting, drawing, graphic design, and skateboarding go hand in hand with all of them and allows me to encase all of them into one.

Thank you all for the support and making a dream come true. I started making t-shirts a long time ago with my 304 Skateboarding Clothing line and now things have changed and I have saved up enough to make skateboards. I am doing this for all of my friends in WV. They have always supported my artwork and have given me the opportunity for great sessions.

Thank you for checking this out and reading.