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Is an eight-time award winning filmmaker who has accomplished a great deal during his short but prolific film career. As the co-founding member of Altered State Entertainment LLC, Brendan’s passion and unyielding drive have propelled him to manipulate his images in both beauty and chaos. He has been profiled in Rolling Stone Magazine, Mob Candy Magazine, The Hollywood Interview, Behind the Hype and H Magazine for his achievements as a Director. His short film “SWERVE” starring Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood, Evil Dead), Juno Temple (Dark Knight Rises, Atonement) and Noah Segan (Looper, The Brothers Bloom) thrilled audiences around the globe touring the Film Festival Circuit in 2010, winning 5prestigious awards and signing 3 international distribution deals. “PERCEPTIO” Brendan’s wild new avant garde short film is presently touring the world film festival circuit and has won 4 festival awards to date. Brendan has just completed directing the indie feature comedy, “LUCKY N#MBER” starring Method Man (Red Tails, The Wackness) and Two-Time Daytime Emmy Award Winner, Tom Pelphrey in New York City. Brendan currently has two feature films in development; “TO TAME A LION”, a gritty urban drama he penned and “OBSCURA” a psychological hitchcockian thriller. “GOOD HURT” a one hour dramatic rock n’ roll television pilot that Brendan co-wrote is currently being shopped as well.

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