Angelo Battistella

Italy - Trieste

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Angelo Battistella was born in Rovigno d’Istria in 1927.
An advertising poster designer, he graduated from
the Academy of Fine Arts (Accademia delle Belle Arti)
in Venice in 1946.
He founded the Studio Battistella of Graphic Design and Publicity, which he still heads, in Trieste in 1950.
In 1987 he lost his dearly beloved wife who had been
the inspiration of so much of his work (
and of his passion for trains (
Angelo has two children, Davide and Barbara, and five grandchildren: Margherita (Margie), Angelo jr (Angel), Novella, Francesca (Francie) and Nicoletta (Nicky).
Their names appear on many of the buildings and structures of the Tall Pine RR.
Angelo lives and works in Trieste, Italy.

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