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Uncle Pooter's Headlight Sauce is a safe, inexpensive and effective DIY plastic lens restorer that restores older, faded headlights by removing all of the surface oxidation that has built up over time. Rub on, rub in, rinse off. It's a great & inexpensive way to keep your vehicle not only looking newer, but increasing visibility! Hundreds sold on Ebay, and through our website (unclepooters.com). Also works on fleet vehicles’ flashers & marker lights!

Available in our 4-oz Blue,
2.5-oz Red,
And our 3-oz collectible “jug”!

We also sell wholesale cases to Detailers, Car Washes, Car Dealers and others in the Automotive industry.

All of our products are made right here in the U.S.A, shipped in individual boxes, packed in Spanish moss, and come with instructions printed on a colored gift tag.

We’re eco-friendly too right down to our biodegradable string we use to tie on our instructions.

Rest assured, we’re Paypal secured - and First-class Mail
Fast FREE shipping with tracking!

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