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Well... Lets see, where do I start. I think the name is pretty much self explanitory! We hate the radio, and we hate the mainstream! It's just watered down. Especially hip hop. I mean, let's face it, the radio isn't what it used to be. I remember when you had to wait by your radio all day to record the hottest single, now they play the damn song every 20 minutes. Not to mention, the songs that are the most freqeuntly played are the worst songs ever! And lastly there has been an ass kissin' epidemic going around in the air waves!

All of these DJ's and VJ's just kiss ass all day!!! Its like, they live to kiss the artist ass!!!!(muahz muahz!!!) no one keeps it real anymore!! No one believes in the cultural aspect of anything anymore!! It's all about the business, and that just leaves a bitter taste in my ear!! It also kills the fun out of everything. No one can just be themselves anymore.

Everyone has to follow one particular format. whatever the media says is "in" is what every body goes for. Now you just got a bunch of dudes looking the same!!!! Therefore its forced me and my peoples to listen to not only other genres of music, but to explore the underground scene of music, sports, fashion, art, and entertainment.

We're like nomads, constantly on the move to find out who and whats hot, that the radio just won't shine any light on. We don't believe in payola and we don't beleive in kissing of the ass to make anyone happy. Our goal here is to keep it real! We dedicate this page to anyone who just doesn't listen to one kind of music, basically the open minded! The NOMAD.

One week, your listening to hip hop, next week your at a skateboarding or bmx tournament and the week after, your either at the hottest jamaican club doing the latest dance or your at the rock concert by the hottest new rock band! There so much this world has to offer other than Rick Ross and a pair of Bapes! If you with us , you with us but please, NO POSERS ALLOWED!!!!!

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