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Hailing from Oklahoma, Terry Hart started doing two things at a young age to prepare himself as a director:
1) dealing with the hassle of defending that he got his start in Oklahoma .
2) Making stop-motion movies in his basement with Lego and G.I. Joe toys with his brothers Super 8 camera.
Flash forward a quarter of a century later, Terry moved to Dallas Texas and started his career as a Broadcast Designer then later Creative Director at a nationally recognize company "EGAD!" "Electronic, Graphics and Design" Joining forces with Jon Fox (who was just in from Miami and NY) Together creating show opens and visual storytelling for many News Channels and Cable Networks.

5 years later starting up Hothaus Creative quickly generating many high end Cable networks such as Showtime, Comedy Central, A&E, YES network and GSN, along with NFL franchises like Miami Dolphin's and Dallas Cowboys. Terry began Directing his own projects around 2001 to current day.
...also still occasionally plays with his G.I. Joe's.

In Short) (I have been a Director for nearly 10 years, and a Broadcast designer for 10 years before that, all with Hothaus Creative in Dallas TX.
My strength is Lifestyle shooting and storytelling. I also have strong working knowledge with post-production both incorporating 2D and 3D. I often storyboard/sketch a complete rough project prior to shooting. I find that sketching an idea helps work out the bugs and define a clear line of communication.
My Belief is that good design incorporated with strong storytelling are very important, especially with HD shooting and directing.


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