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  1. Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort

    Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort PRO Wenatchee, WA


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    Mission Ridge is rad. (Our New Year's resolution was to quit with the false modesty.) Other things you should know: We are 12 miles from Wenatchee, which means we are the only ski area around where a lunch break from work can be a ski break. We have the highest base area in the state, which means…

  2. Voortex Productions

    Voortex Productions PRO Washington


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    www.VoortexProductions.com is a video production house working in Washington State and beyond. We gravitate towards emotive storytelling, while honing the art of cinematography as a visual medium and creating a synergy between film and music. In 2004, owner Charley Voorhis founded Voortex Productions…

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