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The Bay Area International Children's Film Festival (BAICFF) is a San Francisco East Bay community event that serves a diverse group of parents and children. BAICFF offers high-qualiy, value-affirming films from around the world and engaging creative filmmaking workshops for kids. BAICFF is uniquely programmed as a destination event; families often stay for an entire day and many purchase a "weekend pass" to take advantage of the full range of festival activities.

BAICFF has presented over 145 short and feature, animated and live-action films from 6 continents, and has offered workshops in documentary film, flip book and zoetrope construction, claymation, sand animation, and pixilation. Over 3000 people have attended BAICFF and our audience is growing. In just 4 years, BAICFF has become a landmark multicultural, family event in the Bay Area.

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