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CultLovesYou is the Pseudonym for Freelance Motion Designer and illustrator, Tim Fox. Dealing mostly with music related projects, CultLovesYou does its hardest to be original and explore any project with enthusiasm and maturity. We hate shallow work! Influenced by the weird and wonderful - be it music, art, people - we enjoy taking work left-field and love nothing more than working with people who have the same passion for exploring the new and experimenting with their own particular trades. With a keen eye for the beautiful, a talented hand for the practical and a truly open mind Cult aims to bring a ray of salvation and joy for all who believe.

CultLovesYou are available for print work including, but not exclusive to - Album Artwork, Tour Posters, Club flyers, Magazine advertising and Band T-shirts. Web work includes web-sites – basic or advanced – E-cards, Online banners. Video work includes music videos, motion graphics, direction and post-production.

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