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Hi my name is Alaa Aldeen Afifah i am professional 3d character animator currently working at
Real Image senior Animator, Animation Team Lead

I've become obsessed with animation and film making at a very young age, when playing video games and watching movies.
Since then, I've come a long way. Now with 11 years of industry experience, I focus on character animation and how to bring characters to life.During my career I've worn many hats, from rigging to modeling but also lighting and other aspects of CG, which gives me a solid understanding of the entire CG pipeline.
I've started as a self taught animator but when I realized that I couldn't push myself any further I decided to join an online animation school to expand my knowledge.
I would love an opportunity to work on a big studio like BlueSky, Disney or Sony.

software i use:maya & 3dsmax

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