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I'm Super Loud,Hyper,Friendly and I
Like Change. A Friend Once Told Me
That I Get Bored Easily, So You Have
To Keep Me Interested....:D
●Name :AmIth™
●Occupation :Vfx ArtisT™
●Born As: Male™
●D.O.B :01-Feb™
●Home Town:Stunt City
●Age : 20™
●Hobbiez:Hearin Music,Vfx
●Football,Snooker...Etc... Hmmm k
1st thin ma id suggestz im
kewl.lse if u wanna kno 'bout me
juzz chk ma Prfls.sumthin more
too. kk go down..... F ya wanna b
fren ill be frank nd really d coolest
one, but wacha dnt cme near me
wen im angry othrwise ya ll sorry 4
yaself. Im 1 f those ppl hu alwaz
blive "It Wud b Bttr 1 Day". Im a
"Lives 4 d Moment"kinda boy hu
neva thnkz f 2morrow[Nw Strtd
Thinkn Abt Future] nd alwaz triez 2
make da presnt Happy. only I Love
2 Live Life Nd Rock It Out

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