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I am a writer, actor and producer. I trained as an actor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts where I graduated from in 2007.

My screen credits include playing the lead in American feature film 'Seven Africans' and co-lead in TV comedy 'Extreme' alongside Caroline Quentin, as well as various roles in independent productions. On stage my credits include playing Kate in 'Uncommon Women and Others' at the New Players Theatre in London and Ava Gardner in 'Frankly I was a Fool for Love' at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival.

I wrote and produced two short films: 'Xmas Eve' and 'Alice', which have both been successfully screened in festivals around the world. 'Xmas Eve' was also voted Shooting People's 'Film of the Month' in January 2010.
I co-produced the short film 'Two People in a Room', which I also starred in, and my short film 'The Pitch' was used as part of an advertising campaign in Dubai in 2008.

Most recently I wrote, produced, co directed a pilot for a new crime/drama TV series titled 'London isn't Waiting' which I am currently pitching to broadcasters in the UK and in Israel.

The pilot episode of sitcom 'Shirley's Temple' which I co wrote with Sarit Wilson Chen, won first place at the Sitcom Trials competition in London in May 2012.

These days I am also working on another sitcom titled 'Pan European TV' which I am writing with writer/actor Stevie Coe.

Most recently I have produce a TV documentary pilot titled 'My Song' about the music business, featuring Steve Strange from Visage, Gay Pratt from Pink Floyd and more.

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