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  1. Hi, I need to upload the videos to vimeo server from my site. I have the vimeo plus account. When i call upload method it is giving this exception "Encountered an API error -- code 302 - Invalid / expired token"
  2. I'm afraid I'm presently too ignorant to figure this out. I have a consumer key and consumer secret (good) and I went through the downloaded vimeo/index.php to get a token. The URL I got had a token in it which changes my 302 error to a 303 error…
  3. Hi Adam, Make sure you either set the callback url in your application settings, or send it as the oauth_callback parameter when you are getting your request token. Then it will redirect back to your page with the verifier.
  4. Brad, maybe you can help a really green newbie here. (I can program in C and FORTRAN, but really don't know the web stuff at all). I got a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret, but I seem to need a "token" and a "token secret." I try following the…
  5. Tokens don't expire, so you can just get the authorization for your account and hard code it.
  6. Nevermind, I know what the issue is. I'm not passing any oAuth tokens. The issue is, I want multiple users who may not have a Vimeo account uploading videos to my account. This is apparently possible with a PRO account, which I have now, but I don't…
  7. Hi Brad, I'm looking to do the same thing: Have multiple users who may not (and likely won't) have a Vimeo account upload videos to my site which will end up going into my Vimeo account. I've got a PRO account, so this should be possible, correct?…
  8. I am using the PHP library to perform a video upload, but I just keep getting this error "Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'VimeoAPIException' with message 'Invalid / expired token'". My code is simple, it's just this: include('classes/vimeo.php'); $vi