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Montreal, QC

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Paperwork is a newly-formed artist collective that takes an interdisciplinary and experimental approach to drawing and the animated image, in all their potential forms. Brought together by a mutual curiosity about each others individual processes, members of Paperwork share a dynamic, DIY, and hands-on way of working, and are invested in a collaborative process of research, experimentation, creation and exchange. Some of our interests lie in the intersection of abandoned, old, and new technologies, the possibilities of cross-disciplinary forms, and the ways in which constructed images themselves can communicate how we construct what we see. The focus of our activities shifts depending on our current projects and interests, and variously includes screenings, collaborative videos, in-situ drawings, writing, research, exhibitions, publications, and community-based workshops on sound, video, animation, and drawing.

Paperwork is based in Montreal, Quebec. We can be reached at:


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