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Brooklyn, NY-USA

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Chester Higgins Jr., is a photographer. Higgins gives voice to the unseen interior spirit. His images resonate with a spiritual echo, which maintains the image and frees it from the constraints of time. Much of Higgins’s imagery is inspired by issues of identity. Over the past five decades, he has produced a visual collection of compelling imagery reflecting a sensitive and in-depth diary of his explorations of the human Diaspora and his concern with his own humanity.

Higgins’ images of ordinary moments enable us to see and appreciate the fullness of humanity. Through his interior portraits and studies of living rituals and ancient civilizations, viewers gain a rare insight into cultural behavior, a window to another place and time. “With the camera I embrace the spirit that is the essence of all existence,” Higgins says. “I search for the signature of the spirit in my subjects, and through my art, I become whole.”

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