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I believe humanity will not survive unless we choose love over power and ego and we cannot get to that place without viscerally dealing with our vulnerability.

I started the Human Body Project in 2006. Because of my deep love for my children, I was compelled to create a vehicle for change.

I use my naked body to represent and share not only my own vulnerability, but also in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable, like children... and also to represent the vulnerability of us all.

This is my service to humanity in a time of great urgency.

I am a 51-year-old woman and I show up naked in front of people! It is difficult.

Nakedness, for me, is about deliberately stripping myself of cultural/neurobiological baggage and defences.

Our cultural/neurobiological drive for safety and status is no longer serving us; empirically, on a global level, we are destroying ourselves.

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