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Being passionate about the audio-visual art, VJ Redulian started by gazing curiously and collecting beauty at various events in this field, at the same time (2008) beginning to play and experiment with video editing software. Born in 1987 in Piatra Neamt (Romania), he was surrounded by artists from as early as elementary school and later on encouraged by friends to somehow promote the results of his video editing work. He chose the path of VJing, starting at local parties, especially outdoors, with projections on various natural and man-made structures within the décor of the parties. In the subsequent years, his participation as a VJ was requested and appreciated at various events, the most recent of which are the following:
Birthadelic, Sibiu (2011)
TheBeat release, Bucharest (2012)
B’est Fest, Bucharest (2012)
Alambicul de arte (Art Alembic), Piatra Neamt (2012)
B'est Fest, Bucharest (2013)
Bits&Bats (2013-2014)
Tare ca Piatra (2014)
... and many anonymous outdoor events ...


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