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Fayetteville, AR

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I was originally an Art major when I discovered my school had a budding Film Studies program. I started taking classes and before long I was taking shorts to film festivals and networking like no other. Through some connections made along the way, I landed a gig as 2nd Unit camera operator on a TV pilot.

One thing led to another and I was put in contact with a director then began working as a production assistant on a feature film soon after. Several months later, I was called back and made DP for the 1st season of the show I shot 2nd Unit for. After that, jobs came more often and with better positions.

I've worked as Set Decorator on a feature film starring Eric Roberts and Vivica A.Fox. I've filmed weddings, live music performances, commercials, etc. I am currently the Digital Media Specialist at Umarex USA as well as Co-Producer on American Airgunner, a tv show that airs on the Pursuit Channel on Dish Network and Direct TV. During my time in Television, I've DP'd 2 tv shows, edited 2 other tv shows, and worked as jib operator on a Daytime Emmy winning show.


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