Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form

Arizona, USA

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"This cinéma vérité style documentary presents a fresh look at the legendary and multi talented man Paolo Soleri, known as an artist, craftsman, architect, urban theorist, and philosopher. It's unique in that it will focus on how his work has inspired thousands of people over the years and why his ideas and creations have staying power, despite many challenges. He's known by most as an architect engaged in prototyping an alternative to suburban sprawl, known as Arcosanti, which is north of Phoenix, AZ. Now 94 years old, youʼll see why Paolo Soleri was green before “green” and “sustainable” ever entered the world lexicon. Frugality or the lean approach has been a theme that threads through Soleri’s whole life. Filmmaker Aimee Madsen created this project much in the spirit of Soleri's style of frugality, doing more with less."

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