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  1. Josh Penn Soskin

    Josh Penn Soskin Plus LA


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    Film director who also on occasion writes and takes photographs.

  2. The Tinkering Studio

    The Tinkering Studio PRO San Francisco, CA


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    The Tinkering Studio is an immersive, active, creative place at the Exploratorium where museum visitors can slow down, become deeply engaged in an investigation of scientific phenomena, and make something—a piece of a collaborative chain reaction, for example—that represents their ideas and…

  3. Jon Rawlinson

    Jon Rawlinson Vancouver, Canada


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    Jon Rawlinson is a filmmaker. Jon specializes in travel, documentary and corporate video production. http://twitter.com/jonrawlinson http://facebook.com/jonrawlinson Jon Rawlinson is available for freelance work. You can contact him here: jonrawlinson@gmail.com

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