Lynda Graham

Huntington Beach, CA

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I am easy on the mind, gentle on the heart and good for the spirit. I play well with others but know how to play alone. I like my own company and hold people with open arms. I have a limitless imagination and believe I can make a difference in the world.

I’m creative, responsive, honest (to a fault) spontaneous and passionate. A child of the 60's I want flowers in my hair, peace on the planet now, music and laughter and love. I believe life is a mystery to be explored, enjoyed and fully experienced. I read voraciously, write and spend time with friends, family and alone.

I listen only to positive music (SEEQ Radio @ because music is powerful and I want the soundtrack of my life to be uplifting and celebratory. I live and love with passion and believe dreams come true, all prayers are answered and every thought and word's a prayer.

I can be and have been many things in this lifetime but I’m always basically and eternally me and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Currently, I'm enjoying creating and sharing video "picture frames" for my favorite positive, powerful artists and songs. Please check out my videos and feel free to share your comments or requests if you have a song you'd like to 'see.' Love's the answer, now what was your question?