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Interested in: Visual arts (photography, paintings, cinema), visions, music (ambient, drone, chillout, minimal, dub, rock, hard rock, industrial rock), natural sounds, philosophy, psychology, astronomy, paleoastronomy, astrology, human evolution, genetics, history, archeology...

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  1. Gerdy Vandermeersch
  2. Anastasia Krivosheeva
  3. City of Gold Coast
  4. Daniel Stoupin
  5. Ulric Collette
  6. Keith Loutit
  7. Eric Valli
  8. Paper Fortress
  9. Mike Olbinski
  10. LCC International University
  11. geoff tompkinson
  12. Blue Lagoon
  13. Göteborg / Gothenburg
  14. Bruno Sanfilippo
  15. LIFE08 ENV LV000451
  16. Pierre Emperador
  17. Nick Stoynoff
  18. Marianne Ostrat

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