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I'm a professional photographer. There is a lot to me, but here are a few bullets about me that I think are interesting about me.

* I'm a 2nd generation photographer. My mother was a wedding & portrait photographer and when I was just a kid, I picked up one of her books & fell in love with the art. She has since passed on, but I continue to keep the family business alive & well

* I have first hand experience in the fashion industry. When I was 18-20, I modeled for Ralph Lauren while I still did photography. I was recruited in a bar in Westport, Kansas City, MO & was so thankful to have learned more about fashion & what it's like being in front of the camera.

* I have pleanty of experience in the music "biz" & toured as a professional drummer for a dance rock band - which was great because I LOVE music and working with musicians

* I love all things in the creative arts; music, dancing, modeling, and more. All of which I bring to the wedding photography industry

* I love to ride my motorcycle, snowboard, rollerblading, going to the movies, having a good drink with my friends, dancing

* I was in the XGames industry for nearly 10 years with some close calls of death or dismemberment (I have a great scar on my leg from Tony Hawk)

* I love cats, but big dogs & small to medium dogs petrify me

* I do my best to be the best Christian I know how

* I don't judge. I have far too many other things on my plate

* I don't take pictures just for the sake of taking a good picture. I freeze moments in peoples lives all the while striving to push myself in every way when I'm shooting

* I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams & photographed Duran Duran over the course of two years. This was a HUGE thing for me because I'm one of the biggest Durannies and my favourite song is Rio

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