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Harvest – The shop-owner Philip Stolte is originally a graphic designer; The idea, concept, corporate design and interior design of harvest where all part of his final thesis of his graphic design degree, which he then went on to put into practice when he actually opened HARVEST. Harvest stocks brands, such as Folk, Our Legacy, Acne, Indnat, the Hillside etc. and his own personal brand Stean’s. The shop-location itself was Philips father’s atelier for 30 years, where he also worked as a graphic designer, he is holding up the family tradition.

The name Harvest comes from the idea that in farming as well as fashion there are different seasons – spring summer – autumn winter – with the same basic idea of Trade.

The inspiration behind the Harvest logo is from the Wild West, where cowboys would brand their cattle with their name and as literacy wasn’t all that widespread they used phonetics. The Harvest logo therefore is read as an H ( “HA”pronounced in German) and the arrow pointing in the direction west should be read as “west”; together “Ha” + “west” = Harvest.

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