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Sally has played music professionally since 1977 to current. A slide guitarist by trade, Sally Van Meter has recorded and performed with Jerry Garcia, Taj Mahal, Jorma Kaukonen, and David Grisman and many other reknowned musicians. Along with performing, Sally works as a record producer for many performers in the acoustic and rock music scene. She was awarded the 1994 GRAMMY award for Featured Performer for the recording "the Great Dobro Session". Sally has toured across Japan, Europe, the UK, and holds a BFA degree in Filmmaking and Production at CU Boulder Colorado. Sally's favorite medium to work with is 16 mm film shot on the old fashioned Bolex Rex 5 but is learning to love working with digital video as well. Favorite film genres? Italian NeoRealist, and Independent films. Please tell Sally about your impressions of this film!

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