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I've been making silly crap since I've been old enough to operate a camcorder. At De Smet High School in St. Louis, my friends and I made several dozen sketch videos under the title 'The Angry Waffle.'

In 2009, I was accepted into the film program at Webster University, where I worked with local cinematographer/colorist Kyle Krupinski on my short film 'Montagitek.' My friend and writing partner Matt Cummins and I adapted our radio show, Count Ludwig von Shakespeare's Electric Mountain of Dinosaur Dreams Variety Double-Hour Mystery Show, into an online sketch comedy thing. We made one episode of Count Ludwig von Shakespeare's Electric Mountain of Dinosaur Dreams Internet Tellow-vision Mystery Programme, and plan to shoot the second episode soon. All of this stuff is available to view at .

Additionally, in the summer of 2011 I wrote and narrated a sequel/homage to Brad Neely's 'Wizard People, Dear Reader,' titled 'Spiders and Snakes, Dear Reader.' It's the second Harry Potter movie being read to you with no sound. That can be viewed in its entirety right here:

Fit to Burst was a Film II project here at Webster, shot by Kyle Krupinski on the RED. Kyle's Vimeo channel's right here: . The music was taken from a ten-track album composed as a companion piece to the film, written amazingly in two weeks by the great Jim Miles. The link to the album and to Jim's other work is this: .

My goal for Fit to Burst is to tackle the festival circuit, at least in some small measure. I have no other skills, so thanks for watching.

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