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I'm a student at De Anza College, currently enrolled in the Undergraduate Program Film / Television. I have a degree in Graphic Design from Platt College San Francisco. I have a degree in Film Directing from San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. I'm a writer and director, currently shooting my first film short using Super 16mm. I have experience with the digital cameras HVX, HVX200, CANON D1, DSLR's, loading film, equipment for a film shot. I'm experienced with lighting design, graphic design and multimedia design. Creative with web conceptual designing, storyboards, set design, music videos setting up artist with staging and lighting the subjects for the shoot. Idevelop screenplay concepts and trouble shot problems very well. Creative with editing using FCP, Avid coding and encoding. Transferring footage into digital and creating final project into DVD. Developer of music on film able to work with a group or alone. HAve experience with television being a camera operator, production assistant, monitoring console, sound console, entering information into computer for sound check and recording sound. Mac and PC knowledge, FireFox, Outlook, Safari, Quick time. Able to trouble shoot any problems dealing with creative designing. Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Quarkexpress, knowledge of Avid. Part of the film crew for Group 7 under Ben Ferrer vimeo picks. I was the lighting designer and talent consultant. Designed the staging and help with production concept and style of film short. My career goal is to be a professional director/cinematographer/writer, having a successful film studio Jeanus Film Division. In development are several screenplays I'm writing and website development for my company.

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    I loved the begining but after awhile it dragged on. I was hoping for some action or conflict with the story just to keep me interested after the three minutes. With that said, the lighting and cinematography was great. Who was your make-up artist…