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A music school where you can let your hair down and play music in classes where you’re sure to feel comfortable and encouraged. At Beacon Music Factory you’ll find your voice—whether that means opening your mouth or hitting a drum. Our teachers are highly accomplished professional musicians who are eager to share what they know with you.
No matter what your skill level, we’ve got classes where you will make music.

Whether you are looking for fun and age-relevant classes for your kids, or you’re 30, 40, 50, or even 70 and dreaming of playing in a rock and roll band, the Beacon Music Factory is here for you.

We are a group of professional musician/teachers who came together to start a school with innovative affordable classes for every age group because we are dedicated to teaching kids and adults to make music of all kinds.

We at the Beacon Music Factory like to play music because some days there is nothing better, and we happen to believe everybody deserves to know what that feels like.

We're doing this because it's what we know and we know it well.

Collectively we've studied music theory and played in orchestras and wedding bands; and we've studied Buster Keaton and played in jugbands and junkbands; and we've studied the FM dial and played in night clubs and arenas. We've played on porches, sidewalks, in cafes, at festivals, in airports, rathskellers, wine cellars, and even in a church basement in Beacon NY.

There are so many kinds of music to be made and you can make them right here at the Beacon Music Factory.

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