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Rui Pestana is Portuguese journalist who works in several platforms. He produces and publishes stories in different media using his writing, photography, video and sound editing skills.

Born in Madeira Island, Rui moved to mainland Portugal when he was 18 to study Journalism at the University of Coimbra. His interest in visual journalism continued to grow and, in 2008, he spent a year in China completing an MA in Photojournalism.

Nowadays, he is based in Lisbon where he wishes to work on documentary-style multimedia packages for Portuguese and international audiences.

Rui is a published journalist in several newspapers like MaisFutebol, Público, DN Madeira, Revista DN, among others. Internationally, he published in Jornal Tribuna de Macau, as well as publications in The UK and Bangladesh.

pestanarui [at]
+00 351 91 22 04 974

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