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Executive producer Ash Hasen is thrilled to announce REUNION (2015)’s first 4K preview screening tonight! It’s his latest thriller/horror feature-length film production collaboration to be released soon. Leading a team of talented cast & crew on a thrilling ride centering around a former rock star trapped at home during a heavy stormy night. The mystery unveils when he finally discovers a stranger's obsession guided by a mean sinister spirit. She will stop at nothing until he confronts his painful and dark past in this spine-chilling action packed, life-and-death dramatic thriller.
He's currently in development for a non-fiction History’s Mysteries TV series, another episodic travel show and in pre-production for an exciting new paranormal project and on board as Executive Producer for two more thrillers. Ash holds MFA in Motion Pictures and Television productions from The Academy of Arts, San Francisco and remains an active member of both AFI & IDA.

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