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The International Youth Festival of Short Cinema and Animation "METERS" invites young authors - everybody who made short films 18-35 years old from all over the world – to participate in the Festival! "METERS-2013"!
The film competition is hold among 5 types of works: feature, documentary, animation, experimental (video-art)
and music video. The timing - not more than 15 minutes.
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  1. Sylvain Nouveau
  2. Lucas Hope Balil
  3. Daniel Ablin
  4. Ali Tansu Turhan
  5. Cine et Cetera
  6. Sainte Howard
  7. Romain Claris
  8. Carl Krull
  9. Aizen Digital
  10. Samuel Cockedey
  11. Patryk Kizny
  12. fabian friedrich
  13. Glashier
  14. Grpix123
  15. Cut Production Germany
  16. CityMotion
  17. Daniel Barosa
  18. Elefante Diamante

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