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Holy Ridaz is an Urban Ministry committed to sharing the Gospel Message with the Hip Hop Generation. Using various forms of media we attempt to reveal that Christ is still relevant today. We want to share the Gospel and to present it in a form that is easily understood, but without compromising it’s message or the integrity of the Word.

Our Mission at Holy Ridaz is to be:

* Gateway for Christians within the Hip Hop community providing them with resources to Equip, Enlighten, Edify and Encourage them in their Christian Walk, through the use of music, videos, articles, devotions, and links to other Christian Artist and Ministries.

* To present the Good News or Gospel in easy to understand terms without compromising it’s integrity…and to reveal to this Generation that the message of Jesus Christ is still relevant today.
* To emphasize relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ in Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and to encourage people to cultivate such a relationship.

* It is also the goal of Holy Ridaz to begin to shine some light on some of the major issues facing the Hip Hop Christian and to possibly cause people to begin to talk about and address some of these issues, so that Holy Hip Hop and Christian Music can begin to be used as a more effective tool to Bring Honor and Glory to the Kingdom of Heaven

Our perspective at Holy Ridaz Remixxed, is that as Christians, we are all one body, and that just like a body each part has it’s own function or role. All of us are not called to do the same things in the same ways. We believe that the the sooner we come all come to realize this and stop debating and arguing over style and approach, the sooner we can be about fulfilling the Great Commission.

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