Sotogrande International School

Sotogrande, Spain

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Our students are encouraged to open their hearts and minds to the joy of learning, to discover their strengths, identify their passions and develop outstanding learning skills. We nurture a thirst for knowledge and a natural inquisitiveness. We celebrate achievement and aim for the highest academic standards.

We enable students to develop skills, knowledge and understanding through exciting learning programmes, allowing them to explore their own learning preferences and nurture their individual talents. We create opportunities for students to discover their spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical aspects.

We care deeply about our students and support them through a comprehensive range of pastoral services. We encourage them to develop effective habits of personal vision, leadership, management and learning, with the self-motivation and desire to succeed. Our goal is for students to find their unique and authentic voice.

Students follow inter-disciplinary programmes that bring together the important academic subjects in a coherent and integrated manner. Through a rich curriculum, we aim to develop in students an enduring inter-cultural awareness, a spirit of inquiry and a sense of community service and global environmental responsibility.

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