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Dave Clough, born, raised, and educated in Maine has had a life-long fascination with photography and images that tell a story. It is this fascination which propels him to capture a visual narrative in all of his assignments. Clough's passion lies in photographing architecture –exteriors, interiors and all that the built environment encompasses – as well as the space it does not. Clough applies the same discipline used in photographing architecture for photographing artwork, and he enjoys working with artists to create images that are true representations of their work. He challenges himself with capturing flavors in his food photography, and as a lover of music, he seeks out opportunities to photograph live performances.The discipline of interpreting light and shadows is the connecting and integral link between these genres.

His work has been published in the Japan National Trust’s 2010 Guidebook for the Yasuda House, and MaineBiz’s 2012 Maine, A Portrait of the Pine Tree State. He is the photographer for the forthcoming Homes Down East (Tilbury House Publishers, fall 2014) and the soon to be released cookbook, Food That Works by Malia Dell.

Clough lives in the ever-inspiring coastal community of Rockland, Maine

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