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Andrew Connors is the film and media arts Programmer of the Yukon Film Society and the Festival Director of the Available Light Film Festival. He is the producer of the multi-disciplinary production The Grub-Stake Revisited. Andrew has directed and written short and medium length film and television productions that have been screened on CBC Newsworld, Bravo! and at film festivals around the world. Filmography: Jim Robb's Yukon (2014), Mad Miner's Muck Up (2011), Come Back Little Star (2010), luckyburden: songs and film (2004), Facing Miles Canyon (2004), Shipyards Lament (2002), Hands, Head, Heart: George Sawchuk (1998).

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  1. Good to hear John's voice , the shipyards was a special place . I think you arrived at the end of an era but maybe in a way, you have and are contributing to the new Whitehorse!