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Fixed Cog Hero Deliveries

1.. We are a bicycle courier company seeking enlightenment through the meditative practice of performing artful heroic deeds and happenings .

2.. The performance is a joint effort between the person that has ordered the service and the professional cyclist; occasionally the consumer is not aware of this fact but this is ok and in no way is this an affront to the person whom orders the service.

3.. Because each individual case is a separate performance as well as a practical service a fee is charged . This is a way for an artist/bicycle monk to be able to perform his art without going through the usual means that an artist would to communicate his work (gallery, grants, coffee shops) . Essentially, we hack art or performance into commerce without asking for permission .

4.. We do not ask for permission or approval . We simply do and hope people notice (If you build it, they will come)

5.. This project is meant to be an affront to large societal structures, including established art practices - it is without anger or resentment and simply more of an adaptation to our immediate surroundings (something the track biker values) to allow ideas to be shared with more immediacy .

6.. When riding we become water . We have no breaks or gears . We fill cracks . We do not follow regular traffic regulations . This is an adaptation and a zen practice . It is also a metaphor for our lack of interest in following any sort of protocol, law, or established practice . By breaking traffic laws we are empowering ourselves in the way that Guy Debord and the Situationists rewrote the meaning of the city . We do not get in peoples way because we are constantly moving . We therefore see no problem in breaking these laws .

7.. We move matter upon request - physical and non-physical . We move ourselves as well as packages and documents . We move sentiment .

8.. On top of being a performance, we create objects that can be desired . The desired goal of these objects, though, is that some sort of transcendence or loss of conscious thought occurs when observing or fondling them - the customer goes inward . The delivering of the object also aids in ritualizing and making the moment special and meditative rather than making it one based on pure intellect or consumerism - this often occurs in a gallery setting let us not kid ourselves .

9.. On top of this we deliver rituals - Macha Green Tea Ceremonies for instance . We also aid in burning bridges . We aid in ritualizing life like a shaman would have done eons ago and we try to do this without too much pretence .

10.. This project is also an attempt to eliminate the boundaries between production of art and showing of art (the production and the showing are the same event), public and private existence, commercial and non-commercial . We are looking to be the same human throughout this process and to actively shape our environment at all times - the opposite would be living automatically (like driving to work early in the morning and not remembering how you arrived) .

air du son

is an ever-changing musical project that is at the moment influenced by medieval music, various kinds of chant, and modern R&B (50's, 90's) . An accent will be placed on public performance as well as tangible visual elements with mass and moving parts .

air du son at times provides music for fixed cog hero


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