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  1. Your work never ceases to amaze me MeltingBloke, especially the latest one you put out; "London o-Rama" You got the 5N to handle noise pretty well, especially for ISO3200! I've been looking for an Anamorphic lens for months now, haven't had much…
  2. Thank you for sharing your findings. Were the shots in the video graded at all? Love the shot at the end there.
  3. Thanks Melting Bloke, I appreciate you replying to my messages! I learned a lot. I'm going to try and implement it all in my shooting. Thanks again!
  4. That's interesting. Most people suggest using -3/0/-3 on the Portrait profile. I'm going to give your settings a shot. I'm absolutely in love with the image and colours you managed so squeeze out. Unfortunately, at well over $1000, the ISCO is definitely…
  5. This footage looks fantastic! This was COMPLETELY shot on the NEX-5N? And could you elaborate on "sharpened no15"? Thanks!
  6. Oh man, I thought the Plexus effect was spiderwebs and then a kite until george oprea mentioned it LOL. If you don't mind me asking, did you use the portrait profile all dialed down to -3? And I love the colour correction you did! Did you just add…