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Tangiora Hinaki is a mother of eight children and a self confessed karaoke queen. She loves riding her Harley Davidson, interesting people and living life to the fullest.

In a former life she dabbled with marino fleeces as a wool classer travelling Australia from outback Boulia in QLD to Wave Rock in W.A. These day's you'll find Tangiora on the dance floor, riding her harley and organising community events.

Tangiora Hinaki began her radio career 4 years ago, whilst living in a bus on the coast in the Pilbara when an opportunity to work for ABC North West as the Saturday breakfast presenter came to her attention. At the time she was working as a volunteer for Ngarda radio 102.9fm and saw this as the next step in her career.

During that time she has filled in for the mornings and weekly breakfast show as a producer and presenter, learnt how to put stories on to the ABC NW website and created some awesome film projects for ABC Open.

Tangiora conintues to present Saturday breakky and has started Kick up Dust productions and is looking forward to the journey.


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