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Earthed is Annie Angliss and Ron Blackford, who like to get together one night a week and make music. Both long since retired from the live music scene and the ‘cover culture’, they are now a studio based duo, with a passion for creating and producing their own original collection. They’re based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Their work is eclectic, a dabble across the spectrum of musical genres from pseudo jazz to anthem-like rock. Their songs are difficult to type-cast.

The release of ‘In the Beginning’, their first album, in 2007 was well supported by Melbourne radio and featured a selection of their talented friends, with some stunning featured instruments. Pearl Griffin’s piano work on ‘Having Flashes’ is most often cited as a favourite by fans and she almost steals the show in the very complex but ethereal ‘Dream Away’. In stark contrast, ‘Truth is’ reveals the duo’s love of classic Aussie pub rock and works well on the dance floor.; it features local guitar hero Matt Jones and the brilliant bass of Steve Xuerub.

Their latest album, Two Times, continues to redefine their stylistic boundries and dares to include a simple folk ballad like ‘What now’ then steps into saucy, almost experimental sounds with the likes of ‘No Thankyou.’ Sprinkled into the mix are the creative guitar stylings of Wayne Monger, Jerry Pantazis on drums and Dave Carter on piano, all well respected in the Melbourne muso scene. ‘Out of it’, another track which twists into new territory, has been included in the soundtrack of Chris Davis’ movie, “Suspended Disbelief’.
The album represents a massive evolution for the pair, who adopted ex-pat Steve Meyers (producer/engineer/percussionist/soothsayer) into the family to create this confident second work.


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