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Film Productions ( Collaborating with other film companies , actors , crew and acting groups from across the south west and beyond ) Started by Producer John Tomkins in 2012 johntomkins.org

A Dark Tale darktalefilm.net
Indietro facebook.com/Indietrofilm
You Get What You Asked For son facebook.com/yougetwhatyouaskforson
The Runner facebook.com/therunner2014?fref=ts


  1. The Dartington Hall Trust
  2. Looking for a dream tale...
  3. Vimeo Staff
  4. Danny Yount
  5. Nik Kershaw
  6. Philip Bloom extras
  7. Andy Robinson
  8. Tom Austin
  9. maigen sawyer
  10. Simon Cox
  11. Tom Atkinson
  12. Rob Westwood
  13. Realm Pictures
  14. Elliott.G.Montello
  15. Caroline Martin
  16. Philip Bloom
  17. Christi McGahan
  18. South Dusk Films

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