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Women's Link Worldwide is an international human rights non-profit organization working to ensure that gender equality is a reality worldwide.

We strive to advance women's rights through the implementation of international human rights law and strategic work with the courts, including strategic litigation. Founded in 2001, Women's Link has 501(c)(3) status in the United States, foundation status in Spain and non-governmental organization status in Colombia. We have regional offices in Europe (Madrid, Spain) and Latin America (Bogotá, Colombia).

At Women's Link, our vision of gender equality guides every aspect of the work we do:

* We believe in a world in which gender is never a barrier to the full enjoyment of human rights.
* We are optimistic about the increasingly enlightened body of law worldwide that holds gender equality as an irrefutable measure by which legal norms must be interpreted, applied, and enforced.
* We assert that advancing women's rights through the courts is a direct path to promoting the dignity of all human beings and a step forward in humanity's advancement towards social justice.
* We believe that providing concrete tools for working with the justice system to activists and advocates is a way to achieve a more just and equal society.
* We seek to empower women and girls to be agents of change.

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