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  1. Awesome job Invisible Children! This is exactly what the world needs to hear about this issue!
  2. Nio, I completely agree with the need for complex stories and that simple stories are often used for oppressive political maneuvers, Nio. As a doctoral candidate in ancient history, all I do is complexify stories, until we have no stories. But…
  3. Really great thoughts Moize! Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time this morning to respond, but I will say this. Because IC is based in San Diego, it does not surprise me that their initial audience has been North America - you have to start…
  4. 1) LRA is still active in the Congo and surrounding area (check out the LRA Tracker ( I assure you, no one will be looking for Kony in Uganda. 2) Compare this with former-child soldier Jacob's interview, (
  5. Gordon, Regarding the oil situation, I refer you to my posts above with memag. And I'm sorry that you feel nausea over goodness. And I'm sorry that your view of humanitarian efforts is so jaundiced. I don't know what to tell you, but I hope you…
  6. "Bring war to them" - as if there is not already a war on the ground there? But as I said, let's hope that it doesn't need to come to that, and that local agencies can implement procedures toward a new peace agreement, like the Acholi Religious…