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17 years old straight outa Hertfordshire, we be makeing movements in the BMX/skatebord world!!!! I reallly just made this account to be able to view other peoples videos and talk to them about there hot shit.


  1. Matthew Farman
  2. DUB BMX
  3. Mutiny Bikes
  6. AFPHOTO.fr
  7. Archetype bmx
  8. Leonardo Oliveira
  9. Magenta Skateboards

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  1. Judd Otene commented on Timelapse
    hahaha whoever had their light on in that rooom they had it on for a long timeeee
  2. ohhhh mannn thats prettty funnny, a kartin race track HAHAHAHAHHAHA the irony of that is so funnny. Yes i totaly agree with what your saying dude you speak the truth! Heyy mannn PEACE TO MY BROTHERS IN FRANCE! you guys are killing it, check out my…
  3. ohhh he sounds like an ASSHOLEE!!! haha i mean your in a skatepark? what does this dude thinks gonna happen? of course theres gonna be noise. People like 45 and older dont understand how BMXing has become a massive thing becuase when they were our…
  4. I wish i knew what he was talking about hahaha whats he say to you guys????????